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INSEL Global Holdings PVT LTD is a leading IT, Media, Communications and Printing Company that fully covers all IT, PR & Marketing related issues.

Our experts work with you to establish PR aims, develop strategies and implement programs to achieve success with ongoing evaluation of the results. PR Solutions is a comprehensive one-stop solution provider. Any outsourcing is carefully managed and thoroughly coordinated to make the entire process seamless for you as a client.

INSEL Global Holdings PVT LTD, that is on the path of success leading towards dynamic achieving of our ultimate goals, is on the business of digital marketing following the vision “To make social media platforms the first choice to be stepped in, for making brands into favourites” monitored by the mission of making social media intervention prominent in business choices with in-depth knowledge, professional experience, methodical management and coordination.”

Video & Audio Production

Video production – (Camera crews, Special shoots, Event production, Project management, Production personnel, On-screen talent) Radio Jingles, Radio Drama, Music Composing, Sound design, Dubbing​


Product Photography, Abstract photography, Action Shot, Aerial photography, Architectural photography, Underwater photography and many more.​

Creative Agency​

PR campaigns, Mass Media & Social Media Strategic Consulting, Web designing & development, SEO, Outdoor & Indoor Advertising, Festival & Event Decoration, Model bank, Event Management, Research & Analysis, Surveys

IT Solutions

Custom Softwares, Mobile Solutions, Hosting & Maintenance, E-mail Solutions, Security

Our Clientele

Meet Our Team

INSEL Global Holdings PVT LTD are specialists with in-depth knowledge of media and the issues related to it. Professional and experienced team works with you to develop Public Relations and Marketing campaigns.


Vimukthi Dushantha

Chairperson/ Director (Media, Branding and Editorial)

Niroshan Jayasinghe

Chief Administrative Officer/ Editor (InfoSriLanka.lk)

Liana Athukorala

Chief Executive Officer/ Editor (Hitha.lk)

Diana K. Hettiarachchi

Chief Financial Officer/ Editor (SriLankaNext.lk)

Windya Harispattuwa

Head of Media Research/ Journalist

Kalum Wijesinghe

Head of Production/ 2D & 3D Animator/ Video Editor

Sheran Yodasinghe

Head of Creative Services/ Audio Engineer/ Video Editor

Nadeeka Pathirana

Head of IT/ Web Designer and Web Developer

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