Case Studies

What We Have Done

The unrolled account of the efficacious social media campaigns we did is indicated below.

NGO Works (Media Corps Watch):

Web Commercials:

Logo/ Intro/Extro :

Animation Web Commercials :

Promotion of the children’s movie ‘Ho Gaana Pokuna’

We released the unique and featuring parts of the film to social media to make a considerable impact.

The new media release was organized to the social media and web journalists.

Video Documentary ‘3D mapping of the Temple of the Tooth Relic’ for the temple of the tooth Relic

We made a documentary film gradually explaining how the temple of the tooth relic can be conserved using 3D technology.

Campaign ‘Wild Ventures Exhibition’ for Supun Perera

We lifted the identity of Supun Perera by creating Facebook, flickr and Instagram accounts which include his piece of work. We got wildlife photography lovers together into one place by inviting them to the exhibition. The exhibition was widely promoted through social media that it acquired leading media coverage. About 500 spectators gathered for the exhibition held for two days.

Campaign ‘Yahapath Hetak Rusirumath Ratak’(යහපත් හෙටක් – රුසිරුමත් රටක්), carrying Rusiru Tharinda Egodage forward among the finalists of the reality show Jana Asuna in Sirasa TV in 2015.

Rusiru Egodage is a coming up youth personality of political and social value. We made strategic plans to carry him forward in the competition among thousands of competitors and lifted his image up in the social media. We made a dress unique to him and his supporters during the competition under one theme and created a manifesto to highlight him in the competition. He became the competitor and finalist who earned the majority of social media viewers’ attention. 

Campaign ‘Vote for Binara’ (සිංහභූමී ධරණී), for Binara Jayawardena, 306 C2 District Lions Governor Election in 2017.

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