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Info Sri Lanka Media Network (Web Network)

Info Sri Lanka Media Networks is the premier private website network in the country. Info Sri Lanka Media Networks maintains 7 websites in 3 languages, Sinhala, Tamil and English. Its content revolutionized Sri Lanka’s online media industry and its mission is to provide entertainment and information to enhance the lifestyles of the Sri Lankan public. The web networks cater to a large viewer’s base and to a variety of tastes comprising contemporary political, biz, fashion, sports, current affairs and unbiased news reports and programs. 

We are a strong collective of professional news websites and Social media pages, catering to online readership of all social levels. Although we lack print or other digital sister operations, which are present in most media stations, we command a prominent presence in the media field and enjoy a high reputation locally and internationally. 

  • The website coalition consists of 07 websites with large traffic bases and social media traffic.
  • The websites command a monthly onsite page view base of 2 million as well as high reach on social media, especially on Facebook (overall FB like base of 0.5 million and a monthly post reach of 5 million).
  • The impact is assuredly rewarding, as the coalition is a mix of websites publishing material in one or more languages, reaching out to all spheres of online readers, local as well as international.
  • It is also relatively cheaper than print media or other modes of digital media and cost-effective, as once it is uploaded to the internet, online content has no expiry date. It will be accessible eternally.
  • Creating awareness through Facebook. Currently we have a like base of nearly 0.5 million as well as a monthly reach of 5 million.
  • Further creating awareness through our official Twitter handles and YouTube channels.
  • Intense publicity for client (multimedia articles, picture events, videos,
  • interviews).
  • Strong presence on social media enables us to guarantee wider PR for our clients.
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