Vimukthi Dushantha

Social Activist | Journalist | Writer | Entrepreneur | Social Media & Branding Expert

MSC in strategic marketing (UG) | BSc in Computer Software Engineering | Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Mass Media Special

Straight-talking honest human---

Vimukthi is 28 years old young individual who possesses a proven track record in the corporate sector with exposure and experience in strategic management, marketing & sales, marketing communications & business development in fields related to media as well as finance. He is well recognized as a media person with exposure in both electronic and print media.

Vimukthi’s inherent competencies in communication and presentation skills are the key features in his personal profile known to be as a “versatile person”. He himself mastered the art of building up social networks and working in teams that consist of people from different walks of life.

Vimukthi has been awarded for the best designed news website award in journalism awards for excellence in 2016 and received the merit award for the best website in 2017 under the media category at the award ceremony. Further, he is a well-recognized journalist, trainer, social media & branding expert with over 10 years’ experience nationally across Sri Lanka.

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